All employees can be reached by calling (251) 456-3324 and the corresponding extension.

Executive Office

Felicia Snow, Executive Director [email protected] 223
Lisa Ephriam, Executive Admin. Assist. [email protected] 223
Marguerite Austin, S8 Program Manager [email protected] 201
Margulene Campbell, Quality Control Manager [email protected] 237
Beverly Foster, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 210
Debra Gaines, Office Manager [email protected] 200
Janell James, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 204
Alvin Jarreau, Inspector [email protected] 224
Nanette Johnson, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 212
Symora King, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 209
Synetta Pettway, Occupancy Specialist Supervisor [email protected] 233
Martha Presnell, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 232
Jane Stallworth, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 205
Milton Taylor, Inspector [email protected] 203
Danielle Thornton, Occupancy Specialist [email protected] 207
Public Housing
Donald Jackson, Dir. of Housing Management [email protected] 202
Harry Austin, Assist. Property Manager [email protected] 305
Melissa Clarke, Recreation Coordinator [email protected] 301
Carl Evans, Maintenance Mechanic 303
Tammy Howze, Office Assistant [email protected] 306
Stephen Kohrman, PH FSS Coordinator [email protected] 221
Regina Mitchell, Assist. Property Manager [email protected] 303
Jerry Osbey, Maintenance Mechanic 305
Frewin Osteen, Service Coordinator [email protected] 308
Izonia Solomon, Maintenance Mechanic 303


Mary Kidd, Dir. of Affordable Homes Program [email protected] 312
Zulieka Boykin, Housing Counselor [email protected] 314
Kenneth Williams, Maintenance Mechanic 312


Charles Hall, NSP2 Program Coordinator [email protected] 243
Chanda Pettway, NSP2 Property Manager [email protected] 231

Special Programs

Jesse Norwood, Special Programs Coordinator [email protected] 245


Kimberly Wilson, Accountant [email protected] 211
Helen Hampton, Fiscal Clerk [email protected] 227