All employees can be reached by calling (251) 456-3324 and the corresponding extension.

Executive Office

Felicia Snow, Executive Director 223
Lisa Ephriam, Executive Admin. Assist. 223
Marguerite Austin, S8 Program Manager 201
Margulene Campbell, Quality Control Manager 237
Beverly Foster, Occupancy Specialist 210
Debra Gaines, Office Manager 200
Janell James, Occupancy Specialist 204
Alvin Jarreau, Inspector 224
Nanette Johnson, Occupancy Specialist 212
Symora King, Occupancy Specialist 209
Synetta Pettway, Occupancy Specialist Supervisor 233
Martha Presnell, Occupancy Specialist 232
Jane Stallworth, Occupancy Specialist 205
Milton Taylor, Inspector 203
Danielle Thornton, Occupancy Specialist 207
Public Housing
Donald Jackson, Dir. of Housing Management 202
Harry Austin, Assist. Property Manager 305
Melissa Clarke, Recreation Coordinator 301
Carl Evans, Maintenance Mechanic 303
Tammy Howze, Office Assistant 306
Stephen Kohrman, PH FSS Coordinator 221
Regina Mitchell, Assist. Property Manager 303
Jerry Osbey, Maintenance Mechanic 305
Frewin Osteen, Service Coordinator 308
Izonia Solomon, Maintenance Mechanic 303


Mary Kidd, Dir. of Affordable Homes Program 312
Zulieka Boykin, Housing Counselor 314
Kenneth Williams, Maintenance Mechanic 312


Charles Hall, NSP2 Program Coordinator 243
Chanda Pettway, NSP2 Property Manager 231

Special Programs

Jesse Norwood, Special Programs Coordinator 245


Kimberly Wilson, Accountant 211
Helen Hampton, Fiscal Clerk 227